Sam Weber

Sam Weber

Sam Weber

Senior Project Engineer

Sam Weber graduated from Northwestern University, where he earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus in communication systems and circuit design. Before joining DMC, he worked in the Zebra Technologies Advanced Feature Development group and at Tempel Steel Co. as a process engineer. Sam has earned certifications as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, as well as a Microsoft Specialist in Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions. When Sam isn’t at work he can usually be found on his couch watching the Food Network or out in Chicago discovering new culinary establishments. Aside from food, Sam’s other interests include running, rooting for the Northwestern Wildcats, and doodling.

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Joined DMC: 2011

DMC Office: Chicago

Service Area: Application Development

Favorite DMC Projects: C2Sense IoT Environmental Monitoring System

Favorite DMC Event: Mammoth Cave Tour & Camping in Kentucky

Favorite DMC Moment: Courtney won a bet with Frank to allow dogs to be brought into the office and now we have a bunch of office doggos!

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Northwestern University