Biotech Services

Complete automation, measurement, testing, and data solutions for the biotech industry.

Plant Science

Our experts excel at fleet system customization, so you get one centralized system built specifically for your needs.


Significant cost savings on vehicle consumables, cellular data, and personnel resources.

In The Lab

Get an at-a-glance overview of fleet health and location tracking with real-time data collection, reporting, and dashboards.

We can help your facility with:


  • Location tracking via CAN bus and GPS
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Enterprise website and interface development
  • Remote monitoring applications

Vision Inspection/Image Capture

  • Backup data collection if systems go offline
  • Densely packed data to reduce cellular costs
  • Advanced reporting
  • Custom dashboards


Data Management

  • Backup data collection if systems go offline
  • Densely packed data to reduce cellular costs
  • Advanced reporting
  • Custom dashboards

Why work with DMC?

Example screenshot of an HMI designed and implemented by DMC.

Cutting-Edge Skills and Real Results.

Our engineers are experienced with a wide range of technologies from industrial automation to IOT and software development. Our diverse background and years of experience in automation, integration, and programming means we understand how to tailor solutions to your facility, whether you're in the field, a greenhouse, or a research lab.

DMC works as an extension of your team.

A Great Experience from Project Start to Finish.

Every project starts by connecting you to an engineer with relevant experience to discuss your needs and see if DMC is a good fit. From selecting the best hardware for your budget to meeting a critical deadline you've been given, DMC works as an extension of your team. You can always expect honesty and transparency from us with open communication and regular project updates.

CSIA-Certification Stamp.

Certified Expertise.

Certified since 2009 by the Control Systems Integator Association for excellent business practices, our engineers also hold many technical certifications from companies like Siemens and National Instruments. DMC has provided high-caliber engineering solutions around the world for nearly 20 years. We would be happy to tell you more about our experience and technical proficiencies related to your project.

The DMC engineers have consistently impressed us with their high level of professionalism, engineering expertise, superb communication skills, flexibility, and attention to detail. DMC has far surpassed our expectations.

Ty Phillips, Software Development Manager at Yaskawa Electric America

Learn exactly what DMC's engineers can do to help your bioscience facility.