DMC Celebrates Returning to Our Offices

DMC Celebrates Returning to Our Offices

After working from home throughout the pandemic, DMC transitioned to an "optional work from the office" status on June 1. This interim phase allows team members who want to come back to the office to do so safely.

We are so excited for the opportunity to be back in our eight offices and to see some friendly faces in person! Here's how we have prepared to return to our offices and how we've been safely socializing.

Preparing to Reopen the Office

Our offices needed a deep clean after we spent over a year away from our desks while working remotely during the pandemic. In addition to the year worth of dust that had accumulated in the office, there was also an assortment of items stacked up on people's desks that sat unused. We decided to donate these items that weren't used in a year and had a designated "yard sale" area where people could drop off unneeded items for donation. 

Spring Cleaning Extra Office Supplied Drop Off
We continue to encourage donations as more DMCers come back to the office.

As part of our deep clean, we tackled the office refrigerators. To make things interesting, we held a contest among each of our offices to see who had the most expired foods in their fridges. The Houston office had a container of Nestle Milo that expired in August 2018!

In addition to cleaning up the offices, we prepared to welcome new employees and wanted to ensure they felt comfortable at their new desks in the office. Brian Nolan, our Infrastructure Specialist on the IT team, worked with vendors a month before our offices' reopening date to get everyone the equipment they needed for their successful transition to the office. 

Welcome Back Week

Welcome to DMC DallasDMC Dallas welcomes others back to their office.

To welcome our team members back in person, we held a series of fun events both in and outside of our offices. 

In Chicago, we celebrated with a visit from the Big Star taco truck in our parking lot on "Taco Tuesday!" After updating our rooftop deck with a fresh stain, we also enjoyed a BBQ cookout with views of the Chicago skyline. During this week, team members additionally visited the "Welcome Wagon" stocked with cleaning products, mousepads, cables, and anything else needed to set up their desks. We also battled on the nearby Whirlyball court!Whirlyball DMC Chicago Team

The Houston team celebrated with a sushi-making party, a visit to Cidercade, and a dinner and wine bar night. Sushi Making DMC Houston Team

Our Boston team had a great time reconnecting over bowling, rock climbing, taco tasting, and celebrating pie day.DMC Boston team goes bowling

In Dallas, the team enjoyed a Whirlyball outing and an evening of CidercadeCidercade DMC Dallas Team

The New York team held a low-key picnic in the park so that their newest addition baby Noa could join in on the fun!Low-key Picnic DMC New York Team

In St. Louis, the team hung out and watched the women's U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials together. Olympic Qualifiers DMC St. Louis Team

Our Seattle team headed out of the office and out on the water for a scenic boat cruise and also had a "good old-fashioned office game night," according to Elizabeth Goodnight, Systems Engineer. Boat cruise DMC Seattle Team

In Denver, the team enjoyed a game night in the office as well as an evening of axe throwing (not in the office!).Axe Throwing DMC Denver Team

All in all, it's been wonderful to reunite with our colleagues in person at our offices around the country. We’re happy to be offering expert solutions directly from our office locations again as we return to working in person!

Learn more about DMC's company culture and contact us to start your next project. 


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