John Sullivan: Day one you are probably setting up your computer, reading SOP's, doing initial paperwork and kind of getting all of that stuff set up and ready to go, but at about day two is where you're going to just dive right into a programming project.

Alex Krejcie: I got to jump right into things. I got a couple projects right when I got here and it was a lot of fun to kind of learn things on the fly.

Courtney Mitchell: Everyone around you is working so hard and you've got to keep up the pace and you've got to work hard and everyone's always on top of their game.

John Sullivan: Basically the best way to train someone is to have them work on it and we have design reviews and everything to make sure that they learn the programming standards and learn the skills necessary to continue to do excellent work.

Jack Cosgrove: When I first started at DMC, it was very much a jump in the deep end and learn how to swim type experience. 

Alex Krejcie: Thankfully, there is a huge list of SOP's that's oh, here's how I do this and here's how I do this. You can just look it all up and figure out how to get everything done and just really good documentation on how the company works and runs and it brings you up to speed really quickly. 

Jack Cosgrove: I didn't really know anyone in the organization and everyone just made it so easy to get to know each other.


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