What's a Typical Day Like at DMC?

Danny B.: A typical day at DMC is . . .

Ryan Taylor: I don't think there's really a typical day.

Deborah Nunaley: There are no typical days.

John Sullivan: I don't think it's a fair question.

James Condon: A typical day is . . .

Rick Rietz: A typical day at DMC varies quite a bit.

Leon Grossman: Typical is tough to describe. Other than that, we are solving problems.

Ryan Taylor: Usually I come in and the first thing I do, it's pretty standard, is I get a cup of coffee.

James Condon: I like to get in early.

John Sullivan: Figuring out what projects you're working on. Maybe you're working on three or four different projects.

Leon Grossman: Sometimes, it's getting focused on one thing and doing it all day. Other times, it's spending your time trying to manage 12 things flying at you at once as it's the normal case in modern business today, and sometimes we're onsite.

John Sullivan: Who knows you could be set up on like a milk crate on a factory floor right next to, you know, a mixing line.

Rick rietz: We'll walk in one day, expect to do one thing and, you know, next thing we know, we're thrown into something new.

James Condon: There's always someone to help and it's always a lot of fun.

Ryan Taylor: A lot of times, I collaborate with the managers I work with and some of the other engineers.

Ken Brey: Helping out other engineers. We do work as a team.

Danny B.: Focusing on one project and really getting in some code.

Deborah Nunaley: My tasks, I have a somewhat set category of tasks that I have to complete, but if something always pops up, there's always a fire. We're a small business so we handle many departments under one roof.

Ryan Taylor: Lunch is usually a lot of fun. A lot of our lunch conversations are wacky and fun and sometimes, quotes from those end up on our quote board, which you've probably seen on the website if you've seen it before.

Ken Brey: What we pride ourselves at DMC on is identifying the hurdles and getting over the hurdles faster and using a team work approach to get over the hurdles.

Leon Grossman: DMC.

Rick Rietz: Smart People.

John Sullivan: Expert Solutions.