What is Microsoft Office 365?

So DMC is a Microsoft Gold partner, we're gold in two particular competency areas; one is Portals and Collaboration, and the other is Software Development. So we have also joined their Cloud Essentials Partnership Program, so we are an authorized provider of Office 365 services, and we're well equipped to guide customers with their first move into the Cloud, as well as integrating between their Cloud offerings as well as the on premise offerings. So you don't have to feel like you need to move everything into the Cloud all at once. And I would actually recommend that you take it in stages.

Since May of 2011, Microsoft has significantly enhanced what is offered with Office 365, so now you really have a robust exchange online solution, you have Lync Online, and SharePoint Online. They've since bundled with it, several online versions of the Office apps, and they call them Office Web Applications, so you actually now have Word, Excel and PowerPoint, all available to you from a browser. So you can actually use an iPad or some other tablet device and actually start to view, and edit documents that you might store inside of SharePoint for example.
The great thing about Office 365 is that it takes care of all of the disaster recovery responsibilities, so your IT team can focus on other things. It takes care of the security responsibilities, Microsoft has invested a ton of money and effort into making it the most secure, and reliable environment that they possibly could.

In addition, to disaster recovery and security, they also guarantee 99.9% up time, and if in the event there is some outage they actually financially back it, and you will be refunded money for any inconvenience you might experience for being out of service. And the other great thing about it is your IT team doesn't have to worry about patching the environment either. Microsoft will take care of all the service updates, they'll roll out new features over time, so you don't have to worry about future upgrades to other versions. So all of this together really makes especially Exchange Online I think extremely attractive.