MES Historian Implementation

MES Historian ComponentsWhile DCS, SCADA, and PLC systems are limited to collecting data from within their own system, implementing an MES Historian affords the ability to pull data from complex systems across multiple variables to paint a complete picture of the manufacturing environment. The actionable data collected by a Historian can also be used in conjunction with OEE performance metrics, visualization dashboards, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to inform business decisions and facilitate effective process and operations management.

The benefits and applications of Historians include:

  • Comprehensive data collection from your entire plant floor
  • The ability to predict breakdowns and schedule preventative maintenance to avoid expensive emergency repairs
  • Faster troubleshooting to maintain high productivity
  • Efficient inventory management to balance supply and demand
  • Longitudinal data tracking and analysis to pinpoint setbacks and inform strategic improvement planning
  • Streamlined process control and operation
  • Traceability and documentation, particularly useful in regulated industries

DMC's experts have experience working with a wide variety of technologies and platforms. Our engineers can work closely within your existing reporting structure or create a comprehensive system tailored to your factory setup and project needs to manage your business from the ground up.

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