Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Someone gains unauthorized access to your system. How quickly can you detect and stop them in their tracks? 

Attackers wait in your system undetected for a lot longer than you might realize before they strike – the average is 200+ days. DMC's experienced Microsoft consulting team will implement and configure Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) with your current environment and begin monitoring traffic patterns, defending against known attacks, and identifying holes in your organization’s digital security right away. Soon after deployment, ATA will recognize patterns and abnormal activity for even more comprehensive threat detection. DMC also offers administrative training services to allow your IT team to effectively use the system and work fast to revoke intruders’ access to your data.

What is Advanced Threat Analytics?

As the newest addition to Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics uses behavioral analysis to detect abnormal usage and guide you through the process of securing your system. ATA adds yet another level of comprehensive protection by fine-tuning to your users and constantly adapting to identify and help eradicate sophisticated attacks.

  • Swift detection of known threats and malicious attacks.
  • Sophisticated behavior pattern analysis to detect abnormal behavior such as unusual logins and password sharing.
  • Advanced reporting using an Attack Timeline that prioritizes alerts based on threat level.
  • Clear and actionable alerts to resolve issues.
  • Identification of common vulnerabilities associated with security breaches.
  • Integration with your existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems.

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