Production and Fault Reporting / Dashboards


IT Production and Fault Reporting / Dashboards

Fault Tracking and Reporting

Provide your engineering and operations teams with a central place to report and analyze machine fault and production data.  Produce at a glance dashboards with drilldown capabilities through Microsoft's Power BI Tools.


  • Set and track to Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets
  • Aggregate results across machines and lines
  • Red / Yellow / Green your metrics
  • Visualize and drilldown into data using interactive dashboards
  • Share results and findings on your SharePoint portal
  • Automatically distribute reports to key personnel
  • Modify report layouts using Excel


  • Obtain an at a glance view of line health and issues
  • Quickly identify problem areas via drilldown analysis
  • Centralize reporting and provide a single version of the truth
  • Eliminate time spent on manual report generation

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