SharePoint Onboarding Workflow

DMC's SharePoint Onboarding Workflow Solution mocked up on a screenThe process of onboarding a new employee begins well before their first day, and involves a large number of tasks spanning multiple departments like Accounting, HR, and IT.

DMC's custom-built SharePoint onboarding workflow solution uses powerful automation to make the process easy.

Onboarding Workflow Features

Multi-Stage SharePoint WorkflowMulti-Stage Process

By default, when a new employee is added into SharePoint, the workflow is broken down into multiple phases, including Future Hire, Pre-hire, Onboarding, Start Week, and Active Employee. This helps delineate the process as you get closer to the new hire's first day.

Auto-generated reminder emailAutomatic Reminder Emails

Use a fully automated email reminder system to make sure no tasks slip through the cracks. Emails are sent as deadlines approach and contain a link to the employee's list of assigned tasks for easy access.

Easy-to-Update Template

Our solution uses an easily editable template, so you can add and make changes to your existing list of tasks without needing help from a SharePoint designer.

Workflow Implementation Process

Our team begins with a requirements gathering session to get a solid understanding of your organization's onboarding process. From there, we configure our pre-built solution, deploy it, and complete testing and training. We also offer customization outside of the flat cost if more extensive adjustments are needed.

Beyond our extensive general experience with SharePoint, we've implemented this solution many times, making it a faster process that goes more smoothly. We also have experience integrating other systems into the process, like developing web applications that integrate with SharePoint.

Get more details on how we built this solution here, or contact us to see how we can help your organization.

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