Automation Engineer - Control Systems

Automation Engineer - Control Systems



Do you like a challenge? Do you enjoy programming and working with electrical/mechanical systems? That's great because we're looking for engineers who want to solve tough problems by creating software that interfaces with and controls hardware!

DMC Automation Engineers possess a broad understanding of engineering fundamentals and a desire to program. Working both independently and in teams, Automation Engineers will assist with project management and maintain communications with team members and clients. DMC works on a wide range of projects in a variety of industries from automotive to healthcare to food and beverage. Our engineers are constantly learning new technologies in order to continually provide cutting edge solutions.


Engineer Level I

  • Program applications to meet & exceed customer requirements
  • Develop robust applications in accordance with DMC programming standards & best practices
  • Project planning/system architecture design assistance
  • Program implementation
  • Debug
  • System testing
  • Communicate with team members and clients
  • Documentation
  • Respond to customer needs
  • Travel to customer sites when needed
  • Commissioning of solutions at customer sites, including troubleshooting electrical and mechanical systems

Engineer Level II (In addition to above responsibilities)

  • Perform programming and engineering tasks in supportive and leading roles at all stages of projects
  • System design and design assistance
  • Help train new employees
  • Convey knowledge in presentations, SOPs, knowledgebase articles, client case studies, and white papers
  • Develop & maintain relationships with key contacts, vendors, and clients
  • Assist in writing project proposals
  • Seek, identify, and discuss new opportunities with new & existing clients


Engineer Level I (0-3 years relevant experience)

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical, Electrical, or Computer Engineering or related field
  • Demonstrated interest and ability to program, including text-based languages and object-oriented concepts

Engineer Level II (2-5+ years relevant experience)

  • In addition to the above requirements, experience with multiple technologies, such as PLCs, Servo Control, LabVIEW, Machine Vision, etc.
  • Project-based development experience

Required Skills

Engineer Level I

  • Programming
  • Quickly learn new technologies
  • Possess complete grasp of scientific method of problem solving
  • Ability to follow patterns & build upon established models
  • Understand complex system designs
  • Ability to estimate time to complete familiar tasks

Engineer Level II (In addition to above skills)

  • Ability to create methodology to solve novel problems
  • Ability to design systems based upon previously used designs
  • Estimate your own and others' time for completion of familiar tasks
  • Write project proposals

Other Skills/Abilities

  • Customer Service
  • Communications
  • Technical Writing
  • General Admin


Please note compensation is based on credentials and location:

  • Engineer Level I (0-3 years relevant experience): $80,000 - $90,000
  • Engineer Level II (2-5+ years relevant experience): $85,000 - $110,000+

DMC typically evaluates compensation and grants raises on an annual basis (raise amounts are dependent on company and individual performance).

Additional Information: 

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