Diversity & Inclusion

Why is Diversity Important to Us?

diversity at dmcAt DMC, we want to foster a community where people feel accepted and comfortable expressing themselves and where employees are rewarded based on hard work and accomplishments. Everyone should be able to reach their professional goals and full potential regardless of their backgrounds and identities.

Diverse People. Better Solutions.

In addition to making our employees feel comfortable and valued, diversity also benefits the solutions we provide to our clients.

  • Having multiple points of view allows us to approach problems from a variety of angles and provide the best solutions
  • We can provide better customer service by being able to connect with many types of people and perspectives
  • We want DMC to be an industry leader and a "best technical solutions company." We actively create inclusive spaces for employees of all backgrounds so that more perspectives and innovative ideas can be shared

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From Our CEO

“DMC strives to be great: a great company to work with and a great company to work for. To that end, DMC is committed to creating an inclusive culture that encourages, celebrates, and supports the diverse voices of our employees. By doing so, we hope to foster an environment where every team member is empowered and supported, fueling both our innovation and growth.”
Frank Riordan, Founder & CEO.


How are We Improving?

At DMC, we are always evolving and looking for ways to improve the company.

DMC is committed to maintaining an internal task force to focus on diversity and inclusion. We periodically invite outside consultants to guide us with our efforts, which include holding company-wide trainings and updating company policies.

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