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SharePoint and Salesforce Automated Data Synchronization

Posted in CRM Online, Microsoft Consulting Services, SharePoint

DMC developed a solution that allows Microsoft SharePoint users to quickly edit sales pipeline data and have their edits automatically synchronized with the Salesforce CRM platform.  Updates made by Salesforce users are also automatically synchronized with the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

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Safety-Rated Wireless Control for High-Tech Retail Using Siemens IWLAN and SCALANCE W Hardware

Posted in Building Technology, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, PLC Programming, Siemens S7 PLC Programming

DMC programmed and commissioned a Siemens Wireless Safety system to safely operate and monitor two-story tall glass doors for a Silicon Valley, CA-based technology company's flagship retail electronics store.

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Hose and Cable Reel Management Control System for Offshore Drilling

Posted in HMI and SCADA Systems, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, Oil and Gas, PLC Programming, Siemens S7 PLC Programming

DMC programmed a Siemens-based cable and hose reel management control system for use in offshore drilling for a Houston, TX based Oil and Gas OEM.

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Oil & Gas Tank Filling System for Hazardous Locations

Posted in Allen Bradley PLC Programming, Chemical, HMI and SCADA Systems, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, Oil and Gas, PLC Programming

DMC was approached by a client of ours in the Oil & Gas industry to automate an Acetylene tank filling process. DMC developed the control system and performed the installation, debugging, and testing at their facility. DMC also designed the electrical panel to meet Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Location specifications.

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Web-Enabled Touchscreen Temperature Logging Tablet

Posted in Circuit Design, Custom Software and Hardware Development, Embedded Development and Embedded Programming, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Product Development, Product Development, User Interface Design

DMC worked with Dickson, a leader in temperature monitoring and mapping for pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, to design an internet-connected temperature logging tablet.

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B&R High Speed Label Application

Posted in B&R Automation Studio Programming, Consumer Goods, Custom Software and Hardware Development, HMI and SCADA Systems, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, PLC Programming, Speciality Machinery

DMC programmed a machine that would apply labels to products at a rate of 80 products per minute. Our role was to design the controls configuration, design the HMI, and program the automation logic to apply labels reliably at the target speed. The project was accomplished using B&R controls with implementation of their new mapp technology for automation.

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Office 365 Project Management Portal for Financial Consulting Services

Posted in Microsoft Consulting Services, Office 365

DMC developed a cohesive project management portal for a retirement plan consulting firm using Office 365.

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WinCC OA High Speed Data Collection

Posted in HMI and SCADA Systems, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, WinCC Open Architecture Development

DMC worked with our client to develop a system for collecting transient data from a manufacturing line at a high sampling rates. This system stores data in an Oracle database for reporting and long term archiving. The goal was to reduce manufacturing line downtime and eliminate product recalls by constantly monitoring machine operation and recording exceptions.

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Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System

Posted in Automotive, Civil Infrastructure, Energy and Utilities, Internet of Things (IoT), Oil and Gas, PLC Programming, Web Application Development

DMC provided a complete end-to-end solution for a manufacturer in the specialized vehicle industry to monitor and report on information for a fleet of vehicles.

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Company Merger Drives Domain and Email Consolidation in Office 365

Posted in Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions and Services, Microsoft Consulting Services, Office 365, Office 365 Migration

DMC’s Consulting Services team was contacted to assist with the consolidation of email systems to support the merger of Technomic Corporation and Winsight LLC. This required migrating 160+ mailboxes from Exchange 2010 on-premise to Winsight’s existing Office 365 tenant which included 150+ existing mailboxes. Winsight also wanted to merge the local domains of both organizations. Additionally, the timeline was very aggressive, requiring all work to be completed in under 14 days. DMC accomplished...

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Multiplexing: Reduce Cost and Complexity

Posted in Automated Test Stand Design, Automotive, Battery Pack and BMS Test Systems, Circuit Design, Custom Software and Hardware Development, Energy and Utilities, Green Technology, LabVIEW Programming, Telecommunications, Test and Measurement, Test and Measurement Automation

Multiplexing (Muxing) is an operation that selects one of many electrical signals and forwards the input into a single line. Demultiplexing (Demuxing) does the same operation, but in reverse, taking one electrical signal and outputting it onto one of many different wires depending on a selection. Muxing is an effective and relatively inexpensive wiring strategy that could reduce your circuit complexity and save you money. DMC has helped to implement muxing schemes on multiple projects and has witnessed...

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LabVIEW CAN Monitoring and TDMS File Logging

Posted in Custom Software and Hardware Development, Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Reporting, LabVIEW Programming, Oil and Gas, TDMS File Viewer, Test and Measurement Automation, User Interface Design

DMC was approached by a client who wished to improve the usability and competitiveness of their drilling rig equipment. They requested an application which would display important rig data in real time on a large and attractive user interface, generate reports from a data log, and have multiple language capabilities.

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Project Availability Management with SharePoint

Posted in Employee Availability Management, Employee Time Entry and Tracking, Microsoft Consulting Services, SharePoint, Speciality Machinery

DMC worked with a multinational manufacturer of construction equipment, to streamline their project management using SharePoint synchronization.

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Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Calendar Sync for Zaca Mesa Winery

Posted in Custom Applications, Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions and Services, Microsoft Consulting Services, Office 365, SharePoint, SharePoint / Office 365 Packaged Solutions, Synchronize Exchange and SharePoint Calendars

Zaca Mesa Winery wanted to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, along with Azure, was an ideal match for their needs. After migrating their email from Groupwise to Exchange Online, and their shared files to SharePoint Online, Zaca Mesa saw an opportunity to boost efficiency by having DMC implement an Exchange and SharePoint calendar synchronization solution.

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Simatic S5 Revival and Conversion to S7

Posted in Civil Infrastructure, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, PLC Programming, Siemens S7 PLC Programming

DMC was hired by a transportation company to revive six malfunctioning S5-100U PLCs that are used to control HVAC systems. 

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