Manufacturing Automation & Intelligence

We program the systems that keep factory floors running, including PLCs,
Servos, Robotics, and more.

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DMC provides manufacturing automation and system integration services for industry. Our automation engineers program automation controllers including PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers) and their corresponding interfaces (HMIs). We program and configure automation equipment including motion controllers (motors, servos), robots, machine vision cameras, and other measurement equipment.

DMC's industrial engineering service offerings include interfacing factory lines with intelligent systems, such as recipe management systems, reporting and productivity monitoring systems, databases, PC and web applications, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).

As a leading industrial automation company, DMC is a member of the CSIA (Control System Integrators Association). We work on many different software and hardware platforms and have several platform specific certifications.

DMC offers factory automation, integration, and programming services from our offices in Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; New York, New York; Seattle, Washington and St. Louis, Missouri to customers worldwide. Send us an email or send us a message - we would love to discuss your automation needs!

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