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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 2, Issue 10

December 20, 2011



Engineering Insight




Media Signage Streaming Display


NLog for LabVIEW


Use SharePoint for Legal Document Management







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DMC's 2nd FedEx Day!


Check out the results of DMC's second FedEx Day including our new 3D printer, autonomous robot, and interactive recruiting demo!


InTech Features DMC Case Study

Read Jody Koplo's article about the automated endurance test system for cargo bikes DMC developed for World Bicycle Relief.


Exploring Altium: Pin Swapping


Designing a PCB layout? Ryan Taylor shares some tips for simplifying the process by pin swapping in Altium Designer.



Beer, and Bacon, and DMC

DMC employees attended a Beer and Bacon Tasting at a Chicago pub. Learn all about the greasy goodness!


DMC Quote Board


Boris's device only looks like a light bulb? Find out more in this month's quotable moments.




Geek Challenge Results: Deer Dilemma


Traveling over the river and through the woods this holiday?
Check out the answer to last month's Geek Challenge

A state forest is square and 6 miles on each side, and known to be home to a population of 1,000 deer.  A road runs straight through the forest (not diagonally) and is silently traveled by an electric car whose driver is oblivious to the deer.  


What is the probability of the car hitting a deer?

A) 14%
B) 25%
C) 28%
D) 36%


Find out here!


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