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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 2, Issue 12

February 2, 2012



Engineering Insight


Allen-Bradley Safety PLC Implementation



Driver Development, Graphics Cards, and I2C 


Relay Multiplexer Module with .NET Driver Library





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DMC's Construction Kickoff


DMC's new office is expanding and we kicked off the construction. Check out video and pictures of our demolition!


Employee Spotlight: Rick Rietz


We have a winner! Find out which major accolade Rick earned as a kid and more in his Employee Spotlight interview.


Happy Employees Make Happy Customers


Racing, welcome parties, and really smart people - discover Courtney's first impressions of DMC's vibrant company culture.


Avoid Continuous Credential Prompts in SharePoint 2010


Tired of logging in every time you open a file in SharePoint? Anjali provides some tips to streamline your experience.

DMC Welcomes Jimmy at iO Chicago


DMC welcomed Jimmy Condon to the team with an improv party at iO Chicago. Read on to find out his first impressions.



DMC Quote Board


Is ice skating a real sport? Find out in this month's most quotable moments.


Geek Challenge Results: Beeramid by the Numbers


Congratulations to Harry Maddock of the City of Tacoma, WA for winning last month's Geek Challenge!

Find out who else correctly calculated the beeramid and review the results in this two-part solution


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