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DMC Monthly Update 
Volume 1, Issue 9
November 23, 2010


Need packaging assistance this holiday season? Watch our 3D Void Detection System calculate package volume with
a camera!
Employee Spotlight:
John Sullivan

DMC's "Fastest Engineer" shares his favorite Chicago hangouts and tips for surviving an Ironman competition.
Newly Launched SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Portal 
Improved company communication, Enterprise Search, and financial dashboards are just some features
DMC recently implemented for Fusion.


Battery Stack Simulator for HiL Testing of Electric Vehicles  
Read more about DMC's Hardware in the Loop (HiL) battery pack testing solution.
Assistant VIs

Learn how to replicate the NI Measurement and Automation Explorer interfaces in LabVIEW code.
What is your business thankful
for this year?
October Survey Results
What is your vote for the all-time most frightening film? 
 The Shining - 50%
 Psycho - 25%
 Rosemary's Baby - 15% 
 Poltergeist - 15%
Santa‚Äôs reindeer and sleigh in flight are typically drawn nearly horizontally like they would be if standing on the ground. However, the lift and thrust comes only from the reindeer. 

Click here for the rest of the challenge
to determine the shape of the eight reindeer in flight.

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