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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 2, Issue 3

May 31, 2011


Engineering Insight




Yaskawa MotionWorks IEC Programming and MP2300, MP2600, Sigma-5 Automation


DMC Uses InFocus LiteShow III for Network Projector


Occasionally Connected
Database Apps with
Microsoft Sync Services







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Your First Peek at DMC's
New Headquarters


Check out a few pictures of DMC's
new office at 2222 N. Elston Ave.


Employee Spotlight:
Jason Mayes


Find out how Jason earned a monogram
letter at Notre Dame and his recipe for
Chicago's best deep dish pizza.



Can't Remember Where
You Parked Your Car?


Finding documents isn't very different. Learn how to use metadata to efficiently navigate groups of documents with SharePoint 2010.


Ashely's First DMC Impressions,
A Limerick


Ashley reflects on her first few months
at DMC...and busts a rhyme!


Teaching Robots to Heal


Danny meets his favorite new robot, Nao.
Read on to learn how robots are being used
in research to treat communication disorders
in children.


DMC Quote Board


Who at DMC was raised on gunpowder
and hatchets? View our most quotable moments this month.



Geek Challenge: Off and Running


Sam and Brenda start running in opposite directions from opposite ends of a symmetrical race track, each running at a uniform speed, although not equal to each other.  They first cross each other at a point 100 yards from Sam’s staring point.  They cross again as Brenda has 40 yards to go before completing her first lap. 

If they continue to run at the same rates, how far from Sam’s starting point will they be when they cross for the 3rd time?


A:  20 Yards
B:  45 Yards
C:  80 Yards
D:  120 Yards


Extra Credit:  What is the circumference of the track?


The correct answer with the best engineering content will be this month’s winner. Submit your responses to: