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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 3, Issue 4

June 7, 2012



Engineering Insight



3D Simulation Virtual Environment



Integrate SharePoint 2010 with CRM Online: Part 2




DMC Sponsors Chicago's Share-a-Pint: Join Us!












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Northwestern Robot Design Competition


Team Googly Eyes for the win!
Read Eric's exciting recap of the DMC-sponsored Northwestern University Robot Design Competition.



Register to Attend DMC's Microsoft Cloud Workshop


Take your first step toward the cloud at this workshop led by DMC and Metalogix.


June 20th 8:30 - 12:00
Microsoft Midwest District
3025 Highland Pkwy #300
Downers Grove, IL 60515


Click here to register and start taking advantage of the cloud!



Employee Spotlight: Jack Cosgrove


Find out which question made Jack a championship trivia king as well as which ones stumped him in his Employee Spotlight!



DMC Celebrates Tres de Mayo


Don't you wish every May 3rd was this fun Check out the video highlights from DMC's Tres de Mayo party!



DMC's Day Off

Where would you go on a day off in Chicago? Find out more about DMC's exciting day of exploring this blog series!

Could You Outrun Team DMC?


DMC competed in the 2012 Chase Corporate Challenge. Check out our results from the 3.5 mile race through downtown Chicago. 



DMC Quote Board


A Bud Light walks into a filing cabinet... Read more in this month's quotable moments!



Geek Challenge Results: Sombrero Stumper


Did you match the sombreros with their corresponding functions in cylindrical coordinates?


Check out winner Dan Freve's geeky custom sombrero formula!

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