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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 2, Issue 7

September 13, 2011



Will DMC Visit Your Alma Mater This Fall?
Recruiting season is underway at DMC. Check our schedule to find us on your campus soon and join our growing team!


Our Consulting Services Team has a New Website

Check out the new website our consulting services team launched which focuses on system integration and SharePoint solutions for business.


Employee Spotlight:

Ashley Enderlin

From playing tuba, to drawing, to geophysics, learn about Ashley's hidden talents, including her creative use of electro luminescent wire.


DMC Kayaks the Chicago River

DMC employees brave the waters of the Chicago River for a kayak tour that doesn't
end up as expected.


DMC Achieves New National Instruments Certifications

Congratulations to DMC's newest LabVIEW Certified Architects, Developer, and Associate Developer!



DMC Quote Board

What's so great about kids?
View our most quotable moments this month.



Geek Challenge:
Movie Theater Teaser
A movie theater manager announces,“Whoever is the first person to buy a ticket whose birthday is the same as a person who has gone before in line will get 5 free movie tickets.”


His strange contest works, and people start to line up for tickets, each telling the manager their birthday while he records the answers and searches for a winner.  Assuming people in the crowd don’t know each other’s birthdays, what position in line would optimize the chance of winning the 5 free tickets?


A: Second
B: Fifteenth
C: Twentieth
D: Last


Submit your responses to: