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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 2, Issue 8

October 12, 2011



Engineering Insight



Image Manipulation
Using VS .NET



Motion Component Analysis & Optimization



SharePoint Enterprise
Sales Workflow








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DMC Invites You To An
Oktoberfest Open House


Join DMC on October 20th for das food, beer, and a look at our new office! Stop by any time after 4pm. Prost!

Use these links to easily RSVP:
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or contact


Employee Spotlight:
Anjali Bharadwa


Find out Anjali's favorite restaurant for the next time you're dining in the suburbs and discover her top three home design tips in her Employee Spotlight!




Ziplining and Customer Service


DMC recently took to the treetops of Wisconsin for a meeting that involved bratwurst, customer service, and zipline racing. Read on to check out our photos!



DMC Quote Board


Explore DMC's Theory of Relativity and Suburbanite in this month's quote board.



Geek Challenge Results: Movie Theater Teaser

Congratulations to this month's winner, Greg Borota! Review the Geek Challenge below and click here to see if your guess is correct.


A movie theater manager announces,“Whoever is the first person to buy a ticket whose birthday is the same as a person who has gone before in line will get 5 free movie tickets.” Assuming people in the crowd don’t know each other’s birthdays, what position in line would optimize the chance of winning the 5 free tickets?


A: Second
B: Fifteenth
C: Twentieth
D: Last


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