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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 3, Issue 5

July 12, 2012



Engineering Insight



Beverage Dispensing Valves Test Station



Control a Factory from Your iPhone



‚ÄčDMC Hosts Chicago Share-A-Pint: Join Us!



Sharing Enums and Constants Between C# and C++










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 You're Invited: July 27, 2012


 Join DMC for a rooftop cookout on Friday, July 27, 2012.
 Stop by around 5:30pm for burgers, beers, and a great view.

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Employee Spotlight: Sam Weber


What is your favorite Nick Cage movie? Sam ranks them from best to worst and shares his c in his Employee Spotlight.



What Would You Like to Know About DMC?


DMC has started a video series to better share our stories. Check out our video series and connect with DMC! 


A Welcome by the Blue Man Group


Have you seen the Blue Man Group in action? Read about the aptly tech-themed production from Courtney and Dan's welcome party.

DMC's First Golf Tournament


DMC employees teed it up in the first installment of the DMC "golf club." Find out how they shot at Sydney R. Marovitz golf course.


When Should You Save to SharePoint?


Rick Rietz offers some guidelines on which files are best for saving in SharePoint versus a network folder.



DMC Quote Board


Unleash the power of programming in the dark! Read more in this month's quotable moments.



Geek Challenge: Gravity Race Riddle

July's Geek Challenge asks the quickest way to get from A to B.


An object is released from rest at Point A.  Influenced by the constant vertical acceleration of gravity, it slides on a frictionless path to Point B (if it's helpful, imagine a soap box derby car).


Which of the 4 paths depicted gets the object from A to B in the least time?


Submit your responses to: