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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 3, Issue 6

August 16, 2012



Engineering Insight




Sync Appointments from Exchange to a SharePoint Calendar



‚ÄčLabVIEW NI Report Generation Toolkit



SharePoint OCR Solution for Image Only PDFs










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DMC's Sweet Sixteen

DMC celebrated its 16th birthday last month. Read more about our anniversary!



Employee Spotlight: Jon Carson


Between finger picking and developing Chicago's next great app, Jon still finds time for programming. Learn more in this month's Employee Spotlight.


DMC to Host LabVIEW User Group


Join the Chicagoland LabVIEW User Group at DMC on August 23 to discuss NIWeek 2012, LabVIEW 2012, and TDMS for data storage.

What's it Like Being a New DMC Employee?


From fast paced projects to social events, Patrick describes his first impressions of working at DMC.


NIWeek 2012 - Happy .NET Day


Danny's blogs kept us updated during NIWeek 2012. Check out highlights from his favorite day!


Boat Cruise with Yaskawa


DMC and friends from Yaskawa kept evening on Lake Michigan mostly math-free. Read on for Otto's thoughts on Chicago fireworks.



DMC Quote Board

Do you know your boss's birthday?
Read more in this month's quotable moments.



Geek Challenge: Gravity Race Riddle

Did you guess the quickest of four paths to get from A to B? DMC's Adnaan Velji did!


An object is released from Point A.  Influenced by the constant vertical acceleration of gravity, it slides on a frictionless path to Point B (if it's helpful, imagine a soap box derby car).


Check your answer here.