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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 5, Issue 10 | January 8, 2015

DMC commissioned a battery simulation system for NASA Robonaut.
NASA Battery Simulation System
DMC's Battery Management System testing solutions help power NASA's Robonaut II.
DMC commissioned a battery simulation system for NASA Robonaut.
The Future of System Integration
DMC talks with CFE Media's Control Engineering about trends in system integration.
Curious about how to make color coded lists in SharePoint and Office 365. Watch this video to learn how.
Color-Coded List in SharePoint
Watch this tutorial and learn how to make color-coded lists in SP 2013 & Office 365.
Need to set-up a network from scratch. IT Specialist Tim did it with just this pile of boxes.
Behind the Scenes: Network Set-up
The pile above is all it takes to set-up a brand new network for a growing company.
DMC Chicago headed to WBEZ headquarters to watch NPR's Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me live.
Wait Wait...Don't Tell DMC
DMC Chicago headed to the WBEZ headquarters to watch the NPR special live.
How many traingles are in this fractal snowflake?
Fractal Snowflake Geek Challenge
Determine the number of blue triangles in the snowflake to win a geeky prize.
The fun office culture at DMC allows for this silly quote board full of engineering humor.
January Quote Board
Pickle makers, marriage, and eggnog are just a few of DMC's talking points this month.
In this edition of the DMC comic, animals become engineers and figuring out animal problems.
DMC Comic
In this month's DMC comic all of our featured engineers are animals.

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