What does DMC Do?

Rick Rietz: So one of the things that impresses me most about DMC is how smart everybody is.

Leon Grossman: A lot of times we wind up with intractable problems, things that a customer asks for that's completely reasonable but that nobody else has done. 

Dan Freve: Almost every project that we work on is a challenge. 

Rick Rietz: People get thrown into new projects all the time. They're usually working on multiple projects at the same time, and they're able to ramp up so quickly.

Leon Grossman: They come to me and they say, "I need to do this," and I say, "What? Are you crazy?" 

Dan Freve: We're always trying to solve a problem that maybe somebody hasn't solved before. 

Rick Rietz: They're able to bring a breadth of experience to this because they work on so many different projects. 

Leon Grossman: We make it happen.