Favorite Projects at DMC

Cesar Pena: My favorite project that I've worked on here is, for a company called LTS. It was a 3-dimensional weighing system.

Danny Budzinski: My favorite project so far, I would have to say, has been working on a battleship.

Ken Brey: I've also worked on a lot of large machines. Large motion projects are particularly enjoyable because it's fun to see big things move.

Jimmy Condon: Going out to Wrigley. It has a R&D facility out on Goose Island, and I really like seeing things actually mechanically work.

Darren Jones: In one case, Jody and I went to visit a client, and we spent probably an hour of that time zooming around on a speedboat that was equipped with their hardware.

Leon Grossman: One of my favorites is the project for Argonne National Labs., which is developing an entire test cell for hybrid and alternative power trained vehicles.

Daren Jones: One is the explosion-proof equipment testing lab.

Kevin Ferrigno: Crystallization furnace, which is very interesting.

Jesse Batsche: A project that we did for SRAM, which if you're not familiar with the company they are a custom specialty bike
manufacturer. They actually work closely with Lance Armstrong and the U.S. cycling team.

Jody Kopolo: And I'm a biker. I bike to work almost every day. Really enjoy biking in my free time. So to me it was really cool. It got to put
me on the industry side of things, and I actually got to see how the pieces and the components, and the toys that I play with actually get built and tested and used. So that was a neat project, too.

Danny Budzinski: DMC.

Kevin Ferrigno: Smart people.

Cesar Pena: Expert solutions.