Social Events at DMC


Ken Brey:  DMC social events are pretty fun. We've got a great group of people we enjoy hanging out together.

Rick Rietz:  We do a ton of different social outings. There is usually something going on, probably every week or at least every other week. I've really enjoyed some of the shows we've gone to. We did a Cirque du Soleil event this summer.

Ryan Taylor:  When I found out there was a Medieval Times in Chicago that was my first choice for a welcome party.  I would say 25, 30 of us got on a bus and went up to Medieval Times, which is about an hour drive away, and watched a big jousting and sword play event at Medieval Times. It was a lot of fun.

Deborah Nunaley:  We are going to a Windy City Rollers Roller Derby outing so I think that that is going to be one heck of a time.

Jesse Batsche:  My favorite social outing has to be the new sport that I was introduced to here two years shortly after I got here, which is Whirlyball.

Darren Jones:  Zip-lining was a lot of fun, particularly the competing with zip-lining.

Courtney Mitchell:  I am looking forward to taking everyone to see The Blue Man Group for my welcome party.

Kevin Ferrigno:  We are going to go to Dave & Busters. I expect that there will be a lot of healthy competition. 

Danny Budzinski:  I think that my favorite social events are just the after work happy hours. After a long arduous week, it is nice to just be able to just have some drinks with your coworkers and friends. 

Rick Rietz:  It's great to have a place to go and talk and have some time to catch up with people, people you may not be working with on projects. 

James Condon: DMC.

Jody K.:  Smart people.

Courtney Mitchell:  Expert solutions.