DMC Improv Commercial 1

Darren Jones: Has this ever happened to you?

Eric: [frustrated sound] None of that stuff works! Why are you doing that?

Leon Grossman: Is the machine broken again? 

Eric: Yeah!

Leon Grossman: What do I pay you for?

Eric: It doesn't work! 

Leon Grossman: Here, use this device from Unnecessary Complicated Device Corp.


Eric: Gentech 2010? That one, too?

Leon Grossman: Hey, call somebody already! 

Eric: Tech support! There a number on here? Oh.

Cesar Pena: Hey, tech support. [laughter] 

Eric: Can you help me with this thing? I've got a 2010, I can't get it to do anything. 

Cesar Pena: I'm on my lunch break. 

Eric: What? Just help me already! 

Cesar Pena: Oh, uh. I don't think you have a service contract with us, so I really can't help you.

Eric: I need another solution. This one doesn't work! 

Darren Jones: It's okay, Eric! We at DMC understand these problems. We know what it's like to deal with endless goofy gadgets that don't get anything done. We know what it's like to talk into a tin can across a string to a moron. We at DMC understand your problems. We can provide independent expertise to help advise.

Nick Shea: Hi, there. We have expertise in all of your hardware and software technologies.

Eric: Even the 2010s?

Nick Shea: Especially the 2010s. 


Darren Jones: We also provide custom solutions.

Jesse Batsche: Hi, there. We're not here to sell you what hardware you don’t need or LabVIEW code. At DMC, you seem to have a problem, and we're going to provide you with a solution. 

Eric: So you can organize all of this stuff?

Jesse Batsche: Our job won't be over until we've met or exceeded your expectations. 


Eric: Yes!

Darren Jones: And we will work especially hard to fortify and be a part of your team. 

Male Voice 8: Hi, we're an extension of your team. 


Eric: So you're going to be here working with me every day?

Male Voice 8: Every day, until it's done, and after it's done. 

Eric: Yes!
Leon Grossman: Are you done yet? 


Eric: Well, with the help of DMC I will be soon!


Male Voice 5: We're DMC!

Eric: Thanks, DMC!

Nick Shea: Independent expertise!

Jesse Batsche: Custom solutions.

Male Voice 8: We're an extension of your team!

All: DMC. DMC!

Audience: Yeah!