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DMC Improv Commercial 3

Jody: No, I'm going to meet her!


Sally: Ding dong.

Jody: Oh, hi! You must be the employee from DMC.

Sally: My name's Sally. 

Jody: Hi, Sally, nice to meet you. Well, let me show you a little bit about our factory. So, here's Jon. He's one of our employees, and he's making our products right now. But things are going a little bit slowly, and we thought maybe there would be a way to speed that up. Is there anything you can do? Oh, I'm sorry. Well, we were going to try an off-the-shelf robot, and we hooked one in. 


Jody: Uh, Jon, sorry. We don't need you here anymore. 

Jon: No! No!

Jody: Would you go down there on the end and test these products? 

Jon: Yes.

Jody: An off-the-shelf robot was all right, but it created a lot of rejects, and there were some problems. So is there something you can do? We can't really customize this thing or work with it. 

Sally: There's no configuration or anything like that?

Jody: No configuration, no -

Sally: We do specialize in things that, you know, we can do exactly what you want. We can program a robot from scratch. It will do exactly what you configure it from a little HMI.

Jody: That sounds great. Can we do that? 

Sally: Sure. Just give us a very short bit of time. 


Jody: Hmm. Let me check this out. Oh, yeah! That's got all the options we need! Yeah, that's doing great, here!

Sally: Is there anything else you can show me in your factory that I might be able to help you with?

Jody: Well, I don't know. We're doing our inspection down here, and we've got this employee, Jon. But, you know, he's a little bit lazy. And we have some problem here and there. Is there anything you can help us out with?

Sally: Oh, we actually specialize in testing automation, also. We can totally customize him.

Jody: Oh, that's great! Jon, your services aren't needed anymore. 

Jon: Oh, no.


Jody: Excellent! Well, let me take you a little bit further through, and introduce you to some of our management. This is James, he's our manager. He oversees the whole factory. 

Sally: So, James, what tools do you have, for your factory? To review any data that is online?

James: That's. . .

Sally: I see a confused look on your face.

James: It's really not my job description.

Sally: Well, you know, we can create these awesome reports, even a dashboard, on this product called SharePoint.

James: Oh, really?

Sally: Would you like us to do that for you? 

Jody: Would that help us track our productivity, and maybe help things out at the factory?

Sally: Definitely.

Jody: Excellent. Why don't you go out and implement that?

Sally: There you go!


Jody: Amazing!

Sally: So, here at DMC, we can increase your productivity quickly, and with less deaths on the factory floor.

Audience: Yea! [applause]