DMC Commercial Ver 2

Danny Budzinski: At DMC, we work ourselves like dogs. We do all of that in order to help you take your company and blast off to the next level.

Nick Shea: Here at DMC, we'd like to emphasize that we are an extension of your engineering team.

Matt Puskala: Often times we do need to have a lot of different areas of knowledge.

Leon Grossman: A lot of times we wind up with intractable problems. Things that the customer asks for that are completely reasonable, but that nobody else has done.

Danny Budzinski: In addition, we at DMC hire the smartest engineers that we can find in order to help you grow your company to the level that you want it to be at.

Male Employee: We're not just software engineers writing software for financial code or web applications, although we do that.

Danny Budzinski: We also make sure that we are trained in a wide array of different technologies and different applications in order to help you to get your company to run like a well-oiled machine.

Nick Shea: A tight timeline or more work than they can handle, in general, they've got lots of projects going on, for one reason or another, they need more software support on their team.

Danny B: At DMC, you can slide into the future.

Male Employee: Occasionally we get a great job where we get to go to a factory where stuff is made.

Matt Puskala: You always can call back into the office and get help with somebody else. We work well together as a team and we rely on the collective knowledge of everybody.

Danny Budzinski: We'll make sure you stay on track... in all of your projects.

Matt Puskala: The customer was pretty relieved and pretty happy.

Male Employee: The outside work is a lot of fun.

Leon Grossman: Doing the impossible.

Danny Budzinski: I'm out.