Manufacturing Automation & Intelligence

DMC Interactive Display Case Overview

Tim Jager: Welcome to the DMC Interactive Display Case. The idea here was that we wanted a fun and interesting way to display products and projects that we've worked on. During our FedEx Day, where we had to deliver a solution in one day that benefited the company, we came with this. We took our standard display case that used to be completely static. We attached a bunch of under cabinet lighting to it. That under cabinet lighting is controlled by a USB relay board that is hooked to that computer over there. You can see it. The brains of the system start out with this Microsoft Xbox-360 Kinect and Dan Freve here is going to tell you how it works. 

Dan Freve: So what we've done is we've taken the XBox-360 Kinect, which is a 3D-depth camera. We have integrated the open source Open NI and Night libraries, they are natural interaction libraries. We used them to track the skeletons of any users that step into the field of view here, if you look at the screen, you can see Tim standing here. We are tracking all of his joints. It's able to track that pretty accurately. What we've done is we we're allowing Tim to point anywhere on our display case here while we're tracking where his right arm is pointing and using our USB relay device to light up the appropriate light that he is pointing at. 

Tim: So now as I am pointing around, we're lighting up the product that I am pointing at. If I were to hold on a product for a couple of seconds, we'll bring up a case study of that project, explaining what we did and how we did it. Then we'll go back into interactive mode. So it's a fun way for our customers to come in, see what we've done and just display our talents.