Recruiting at DMC

Ken Brey: When we're recruiting, we're looking for A players.

Leon Grossman: The only important thing that we look for is do they fit.

Ken Brey: People who stand out, people who are leaders in their class technically, and people who are retainers of information.

Jimmy Condon: Everyone's willing to go out of their way and help people around them. 

Ryan Taylor: I think that in addition to being just a great engineer, DMC employees are generally well rounded people. We're very easy to get along with I think.

Danny B: Someone who is smart and confident.

Rick Rietz: Extremely smart, extremely motivated.

Ken Brey: Successful employees at DMC have really good technical aptitude, but then are also very driven.

Danny B: We really value being able to put someone in a number of different situations.

Jimmy Condon: DMC doesn't necessarily look for just knowledge in employees.

Deborah Nunaley: We're very social. We like to go out as friends after work. We have a lot of fun activities, just a very youthful, fun culture. Work doesn't necessarily end when you leave the door as far as your relationships with your work friends.

Danny B: Having the confidence to step in and know that you know your stuff. 

Jimmy Condon: There's a difference between having a lot of knowledge and being smart.

Rick Rietz: We have some of the smartest people I've ever worked with in my career. I've been a career consultant, I've worked for some great consultancies in the past, I don't think any of them hold a candle to the caliber of people that we hire.

Ryan: DMC.

Leon Grossman: Smart people.

Rick Rietz: Expert solutions.