Young Culture Values Fun at DMC

Kristie Shea: As a company, we are quite social despite being engineers.

Jack Cosgrove: I'd say something that's unique about DMC. is that it has a bit of a counter-cultural attitude, I think.

Courtney Mitchell: It's definitely a very unique culture, here at DMC.

Kristie Shea: You know, sometimes we do, you know, simply things like go play whirly ball. Sometimes we go do more extravagant and take a party bus to Medieval Times. And, you know, a bunch of small things, like just go to happy hours on Friday. Or, you know, just hang out with people on Saturdays.

Frank Riordan: We started an activity fund. This monthly amount that we allocate that people can use to do anything that they choose to. One thing that a group of people did a little over a year ago, is they went on a ski trip to Colorado. And I thought that was brilliant; much smarter than I would have ever intended for the use of the activity fund. And then, they're going on their second one next month.

Courtney Mitchell: We like to keep our employees happy because we feel like it keeps our customers happy.

Matt Puskala: We've done Chicago Indoor Racing Extreme Go-cart Racing several times. That gets pretty competitive and sometimes a little bit violent, some pretty rough wrecks.

Eric West: Previous jobs I've had had an older demographic of people. And this is... DMC is really young and values fun a lot more than just the kind of 8 to 5 grind.

Jack Cosgrove: Work is not all there is to do while you're at work. I mean, obviously, you have to meet your deadlines and you have to please your customers. But, if that's all you focus on than the attitude is going to suck.

Matt Puskala: We did a canopy zip-line tour where basically we're 20, 30, 40, 50 feet off the ground, up in the forest around Lake Geneva, up in Wisconsin, and zip-lining. It was definitely a rush and everybody got into it. It was pretty cool. I was surprised. Nobody at DMC. had any issues with fears of heights what so ever.

Eric West: We have a lot of shared interests, you know. In general, people are pretty active, whether it's athletic or, you know, active in going out to musical, cultural activities.

Frank Riordan: It's enjoying your work another one of our core values. Having a great culture, great people here makes it so much easier to enjoy our work.