Digital Workplace Solutions

What can SharePoint do?

Rick Rietz: I think SharePoint is one of the greatest inventions ever. 

Sam Weber: SharePoint is sort of like Swiss army knife of collaboration tools.

Jack Cosgrove: It's basically just a webpage on your local Intranet, which can display all the information, all the statistics you can possibly measure. 

Deborah Nunaley: We have many of our contract documents and proposals and PO's all in one place so everyone can find them and update them. It has automatic versioning, so that we don't have to worry about whether we're working on the correct version. They can work on them all at the same time. 

Ryan Taylor: It's really nice for customers because they can come in and they can see what we're doing. We can upload files to them very easily and everyone is in sync with what's going on in the project. 

Sam Weber: It does your document control, collaboration portal. Someone can post to a blog and then someone else can comment on it. Then someone else can post a picture about it. Then someone else can share a link on that.

Rick Rietz: As far as what SharePoint can do, just about anything. It's really, really good for managing documents. It's great for finding documents. It has a tremendous search engine. 

Jack Cosgrove: There's a saying that if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. SharePoint allows you to measure things in a very easy to view way. 

Rick Rietz: It's one of those tools that is really applicable to any size business. 

Courtney Mitchell: It just makes working in a very fast paced office a lot easier because it makes communications easier. You don't have to be emailing lots of different files around

Rick Rietz: We have also implemented a lot of workflow solutions. So if you're trying to do something in a structured way, so it's repeatable and you have a high quality output every time and you can manage the workload across people. Workflow is a fantastic way to accomplish that. 

Frank Riordan: It made my life dramatically easier. I don't have to, either generate them myself or have other people, generate reports. So I don't have to worry about what's going on: the information is right in front of me. 

Sam Weber: It's easy because then someone can just go to one place and see all the data from all of your business and it makes your SharePoint portal a one-stop-shop for all employees of the company. 

Courtney Mitchell: DMC. 

Sam Weber: Smart People. 

Ryan Taylor: Expert Solutions.