DMC's SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures

Deborah Nunaley: SOPs are Standard Operating Procedures.

Ryan Taylor: Basically, it saved me the hassle of having to ask dumb questions.

Jack Cosgrove: We love them, because once they're written, they never need to be written again.

Deborah Nunaley: So, we formalized them a few years ago using SharePoint into Wikis, where everyone in the company can access them, and have the ability to change them and update them as we grow, and processes is improve and change for the better.

Ryan Taylor: Everything from clocking your time to doing expenses, and some of the more complicated tasks. And it's really nice, because you don't necessarily have to ask someone about how to do very common tasks. It is very efficient to search and find pretty quickly.

John Sullivan: You know, the first few weeks here, there's a lot of things that are fairly trivial to do, but would be fairly difficult to figure out for the first time. So, SOPs definitely provide a lot of like that initial training.

Courtney Mitchell: SharePoint does a great job of letting us edit every SOP. So, if you've got something to add or change, you can just do it right there. And then anybody else, whoever looks that up would see your change.

Ryan Taylor: SOPs are pretty awesome. It's basically a collection of documents that tell you how DMC operates.

Courtney Mitchell: Most of the time it's right there in front if you lay out an SOP.