Why Customers Work with DMC

Brian Baghdady: Hi, I'm Brian Baghdady and I'm an attorney for Frank in Schaumburg.

Keith Jones: I'm Keith Jones with Brussum Systems of out of Mobile, Alabama.

Tim Berdear: Hi, I'm Tim Berdear and I work for Elgin Sweeper Company.

Tye Philips: Hi, I'm Tye Philips and I work for Yaskawa America Incorporated.

Jim Sues: My name is Jim Sues and I work for SKF USA in the aerospace division.

Tye Phillips: We use DMC basically to supplement our internal resources for embedded firmware projects.

Tim Berdear: Coding software, LabVIEW software to run some of our testing equipment and also some of our production equipment.

Keith Jones: If we get ourselves in trouble and we need to some programmers and we need some controls guys they come in we explain the problem and they take good care of us.

Keith Jones: For us they sort of inspire us because they're very similar to what we do. They provide a model, role model for us and they're a company they we like to work with.

Tim Berdear: Basically I call DMC whenever we're in big trouble and we need help right now.

Tye Philips: They're just incredibly bright people, I think they do a fantastic job of selecting the best and brightest and really nurturing them throughout the company and their able to get new engineers ramped up to speed very quickly on extremely challenging projects that we have.

Brian Baghdady: In my business the most important thing is a good client who stands by their word and what they tell you is true.

Tye Phillips: They're pretty much turnkey people you call them up and they come in and you really don't have to worry about it anymore.

Tim Berdear: One of the things that's great about the guys at DMC is their willing to get into our system and our process and understand what we need and adapt it very quickly.

Tye Philips: They're a fantastic people to work for and am very pleased and I hope to continue to do business with them in the future.