DMC and National Instruments


NI, or National Instruments, is primarily a hardware developer, including data acquisition and control devices used to interact with the real world. DMC has had a long-standing relationship with National Instruments. We do a lot of our projects using LabVIEW. LabVIEW is particularly useful for vision projects or doing various inspections on main track train lines, for instance.

The partner program with National Instruments is very important. As they look to be more of a product-driven company, DMC is offering the expertise and the components to provide solutions to those customers. It's critical that you have the right expertise and the right person to make that project successful. We've got a pretty good partnership with NI and we have ever since I've been here. As far as I know, we're one of the most certified companies in Illinois, in the Midwest, and probably in the country. We really strive to keep our LabVIEW tools up to date and we've got a lot of included, built-in things that we do that a lot of other companies don't have. I think it's easy for us to jump in to a lot of projects, and we really pride ourselves with being the biggest, best LabVIEW people around. 

We just have the experience needed to get your job done correctly and quickly. Not only are we programmers, but we're also consultants, so we will advise you after hearing your challenge. Advise you on the appropriate hardware for your application, and also try to anticipate future needs so that will save you costs.