What are the benefits of Microsoft CRM Online?

Anjali Bharadwa: CRM is a tool that the sales force would use to be able to manage the accounts that they are working with. Instead of having a number of people using a bunch of excel spreadsheets and managing their own customers, they're able to manage it in one central location and always have up to date information.

Rick Rietz: I highly recommend it especially if you're looking for a new enterprise level CRM system, CRM Online is definitely worth taking a time to look at. It's a great alternative to On Premise because again, Microsoft will take care of all the disaster recoverable responsibility for you, patching the server and takes care of all the up-time as well as all the security.

Anjali Bharadwa: This software package would be very advantageous to a company who doesn't have an IT department or doesn't want to put the expenses that are associated with putting the hardware together for getting a CRM Department. They're also not accessing just sales information but other people in the company can utilize CRM as well, like a technical support group or a quality control group. Anybody who touches the customer should be able to see whats been happening with the customer recently with out having to go around ask everybody else different questions and try to collect the information that way. 

Any company  that is considering CRM online should consider DMC because of our expertise in custom software development. We're not only a Microsoft Gold Partner but we'll work with you to understand your business requirements and make sure CRM is the right package for you and utilize the tools CRM offers. There are a lot of things Microsoft offers that are not applicable to your business out of the box. So we will help you customize it and make sure it makes sense for your business\