Destination DMC - Directions to DMC Office

You're on your way to DMC, fantastic. This video will help guide you there. These directions are for coming from the north and northwest suburbs heading inbound on 90-94, the Kennedy Expressway. Take the Fullerton Avenue exit number 47A. You'll see a gorilla at the bottom of the exit ramp. He'll be directing you east on Fullerton Avenue.

Turn left onto Fullerton Avenue and continue about .4 miles to the intersection of Elston and Fullerton. Be on the lookout for a man in an orange morph suit.

When you see the morph man, turn right onto Elston Avenue. If you see a clown, ignore him. Avoid the clown at all costs. Drive another couple of blocks and watch for the tin man. To enter our parking lot, take a right onto Honore Street and then an immediate left. Visitor spots are at the end on the right, but you can park in any spot marked DMC.

If this lot is full, you may park across the street in DMC's auxiliary lot. There's also free street parking in the area. After you're parked a robot will be there to greet you. 

At our door, buzzing into DMC is easy. Just press number eleven on the keypad, and you'll be buzzed in. Now just head to the elevator and push the up button. When in the elevator, press the button for the second floor. Welcome to DMC.