Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight Video: Alex Krejcie

My name is Alex Krejcie. I am a Systems Engineer at DMC. What do I like the best about working at DMC? I think I like that there are a lot of different projects here and a lot of different opportunities to try new things and get involved in new technologies and, sort of, the cutting edge of stuff. As an engineer, things in general I think are interesting. The way things work, gadgets, anything like that, so all that kind of stuff is a hobby. I like cars. I like robots. I like electronics, computers, anything in that area and just the newest technology and how it works and why it is so great or why everybody thinks it's so great. 

I like working on my home computer a lot, obviously, I have a couple of side robotics projects. Then, I just like to build anything as low projects. I am working on right now as my brother's Christmas present, tennis ball launcher for their dog, so it's a little bit of wood-working, a little bit of mechanics, a little bit of electronics, kind of all combined together to create something fun. 
My dad is a doctor but he did his undergrad in engineering so I have always had an influence there. His dad was a mechanic. My mom's dad was a machinist. I really like to long board. I also like to water ski so I guess I am kind of a board sports, or some people call it extreme sports enthusiast. I don't know if they are super extreme. 

I just like hanging out. I have a dog so going outside, playing with him, taking him different places, going on adventures. I am still planning my vacations for this year. I, kind of, want to go maybe somewhere warm. 
My favorite places in Chicago? I really like my neighborhood - Lincoln Park, which is where our office is too. I think it's a really cool place. I just like neighborhoods of Chicago in general, so many different restaurants and cool places to try, different feels when you go from one neighborhood to another neighborhood. 
I like cars a lot. I used to like them, obviously, a lot more. I've gotten shifted towards electronics working at DMC which I think a lot of people have.