Siemens Solutions

Tim Jager: DMC is really proud to be a member of the Siemens Solution Partner program

Jon Carson: I've traveled all over for Siemens.

Leon Grossman: We have one of the best teams in the United States, possibly in the world.

Tim Jager: It's a platform that is, I'll call it a “programmer's delight.” We can always accomplish the task at hand with a Siemens solution. We've worked on just about every Siemens automation platform that you can think of. So starting with the really low level, 7-200 PLCs, which were replaced with the S7-1200, up through what I'll call the “industry workhouse,” which is the S7-300 line, S7-400, which is seen in a lot of larger applications.

Jon Carson: One of the more unique projects that I've done with Siemens was a high speed packaging machine. It had to fold aluminum over this candy at something like 3,000 pieces per minute. 

Tim Jager: We've done projects for airports. We've done work on battleships.

Jon Carson: Food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, printing, automotive, medical. 

Boris Cherkasskiy: Again, pretty much everything, starting with the food and beverage industry, heavy machinery, machine builders. 

Tim Jager: Everything from pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, chemical applications, transportation, converting, material processing, and then a lot of specialized machinery, specialized manufacturing.

Jon Carson: As far as solution partners, we're one of the largest.

Tim Jager: We form really tight relationships with the local Siemens people, as well as we've got a lot of really key contacts throughout the Siemens global organization. Why does that benefit our customers? When there's a problem, or some special thing that needs to happen, we know the right people to talk to throughout the organization.

The benefit that the customer would get by working with a certified Siemens Solution Partner is: first of all, they know that the engineers they're working with have been certified. In the end, the customer gets a much better product and has extensive support.