DMC's Office Tour

Courtney Mitchell: Hello, welcome to our office. Follow me this way. 

It's a really open space. We like lots of natural light. We've got all these weird wooden beads. We've got lots of these collaboration rooms which are awesome, these are little cubes that they can sit in, but they can collaborate with each other so they work together.

This is our main conference room, called "Kingsbury." We named most of our rooms after old office buildings that we had. 

Ryan Taylor: Hey, guys. Welcome to the North Lab. Come on in. We decided to build out into the North office, and part of that build out was to create a second lab space for us. First of all, we have our 3D printer which we built as part of a Fedex Day Project last year. 

On this side here, we have a space where we can make prototypes. We can play with around with autering and PCB design. We can do some electronics testing. 

Otto Gottlieb: In here, we do a lot of testing of code that we worked out in the office. Here we have some [inaudible] power which is great for motor applications and drive work. We also do vision inspection here. It's also as you can see, a very large and open space so we can fit many big projects into it. 

Shannon Hamlin: This is our kitchen. Everybody always comes in every day, eats lunch together. We make sure to keep all the fridges and cabinets stacked with awesome snacks and drinks. There is always a continuous ping pong tournament going, so everyone's always playing. 

Gareth Merrion-Griffith: At DMC it's a great way to blow off some stress by playing a competitive game of ping pong. And now as you'll see, there's a reason I'm number one. 

Kevin Ferrigno: Welcome to the DMC gym. The DMC gym has a wide variety of equipment in it. We've got some dumbbell weights here, some more weight equipment over here. We have an inversion table. We have an elliptical. We have a treadmill. We even have a little walking desk over here. 

Dan Lawler: Let's go check out the roof. Welcome to the DMC deck, everyone. This is a great place for us to host clients, friends, co-workers as well; significant others, insignificant others, to enjoy a great view of the Chicago skyline. Right now we're in Bucktown. Wrigleyville is just up here a couple of miles. Lincoln Park is just east of us. Wicker Park is just to the south.