DMC FedEx Day 2013

Courtney Mitchell: FedEx Day is an all-day DMC company event.

Otto Gottlieb: FedEx Day is a day when everyone gets to work on a project that they get to pick. So it's something that we're all passionate about.

Courtney Mitchell: It's called FedEx Day because you have to have a deliverable product by the end of the day.

Otto Gottlieb: I worked on a tablet for the ping-pong table users. Jordan Harris and I decided that we wanted to get a tablet devoted specifically for ping-pong. We made it so that you can select players and play matches, and it's all stored on our company's SharePoint site.

Alex Krejcie: For FedEx Day this year, I continued working on our office robot, which I started at the previous FedEx Day. The idea of this FedEx Day was to get him more consistent working, so that we can continue to add improvements to him and get a good base platform with the robot.

Courtney Mitchell: My team, which consisted of Frank and Stephanie, Jeremy, and Mark, worked on new technical questions for recruiting.

Jeremy Green: I was with the team that basically generated new test interview questions.

Courtney Mitchell: We also created answer keys and hint keys for each question. We're trying to streamline the interviewing process so people . . . It's more consistent, and people get asked the right questions.

Jeremy Green: And we were able to add about 24 new questions to the test bank for interviewing new employees.

Jason Mayes: FedEx Day, this time, was a little bit more fun than functional, I think. Last summer, a couple of us decided we wanted to build a rooftop garden. It would be a fun thing to do. Unfortunately, none of us watered it. So it didn't do so well. So this year, we decided for FedEx Day we would kind of try and automate the process. In the matter of a day, we created a data collecting and viewing software tool to allow us to monitor our garden from anywhere in the world. The next step is going to be to automate that into a watering system.

Jimmy Condon: For FedEx Day, I worked with a bunch of other Siemens programmers at DMC to help our Siemens internal tools. I helped create kind of a primer for new employees coming in, to get started with Siemens S7 stuff.

Courtney Mitchell: It was a great success. It was a lot of fun. We all just kind of sat in the Chicago room together and brainstormed, and we actually got a lot done, more than I thought we would, and had a good time doing it.