Employee Spotlight: Johnny Sun

My name is Johnny Sun, and I'm a Systems Engineer here at DMC. I'm working mostly on embedded projects right now. My favorite part of working at DMC is that I get to do all the stuff that I worked on in college for fun except get paid for it. [laughs]

Favorite project that I've done here so far is this ice bagger machine. In grocery stores you're going to have merchandisers filled with bags of ice that usually get delivered there. A huge machine that will sit on top of the merchandisers and make its own ice and bag it and drop it into the freezer for you to buy and it's all automatic. 

I really like snowboarding. Unfortunately, I haven't done it at all this year. I'm really excited about the DMC ski trip. It should be a lot of fun. We're going to Park City, Utah. Going hiking in the summer. I was in Rocky Mountain National Park last summer. That was a lot of fun. Got to see snow for the first time in July.

When it's warm I like to ride my motorcycle around. My favorite places in the city, I found this new burger place called Kuma's Corner. I like the Signature Room a lot when we went up for our holiday party. I like just walking around Lincoln Park a lot.

I think my favorite event from the activity fund we went to indoor go-cart racing which was super fun. I do want to go out to Cedar Point some time. I love roller coasters and I've never been to Cedar Point. [laughs] But I'm going to make it a point to go this year.  I don't look at roller coasters from an engineering perspective.