Employee Spotlight: Simon Healey

My name is Simon and I'm a Systems Engineer here at DMC. I really like working at DMC because they give you a lot of responsibility and they let you take control of what you need to do. And let you get it done in the way that works best for you.

Some of my favorite DMC events have been when we do a welcome party for every new employee. So one of the ones we went to was a show at Second City which was a lot of fun. It was really funny. It was great to get to know everyone there. We also did a company ski trip, and it was great to get out of the city and go skiing which I love to do.

My favorite programming language, let's see, in college I did a lot of MATLAB, so I became really familiar with that. I haven't used it so much at DMC, so since then I've been learning a lot of C# which has been great. I really enjoy learning that so I'm going to go with C# for now.

One of my favorite projects at DMC was a project to turn a variable frequency drive, which is a piece of equipment that generally drives motors at a specific speed and you tell it what speed you want it to go. And in this case, we turned it from a speed controller into a position controller. So you would tell it how many turns you want it to make or how far you want a certain machine that is connected to it to move. For example, if it's connected to a conveyor belt. So that was really interesting going from something that is programmed for rotary motion and turns it into linear motion or something else.

Outside DMC some of the things, I do are play Ultimate Frisbee. There is a pick up league that's right near me. Which is great, I do that twice a week. In the winter, I love going snowboarding. I love going to the beach and I like hanging out with my dog. She usually just runs in circles, she goes outside and just runs and runs.