Office 365 - CRM Online Demonstration

CRM Demo

Hi. My name is Anjali Bharadwa, with DMC. I am going to be sharing a demonstration on how to use CRM. When you first login to CRM, you see a dashboard. The dashboard can be configured depending on your role within the organization with just the kind of data that you want to see. Examples of data might be how many accounts does each owner have? How many leads are in the hot stage; how many are cold? How much revenue have you actually been making per month and what's in your pipeline? Depending on which dashboard you see by default, you can also select the other dashboards that are available to you, as well.

We're going to go through an example of entering a new lead into the CRM system, and how easy that can be. You might meet this lead at a tradeshow or just had a phone call and want to track that information. The first place that you're going to go to is within the Sales area, you're going to click on Leads. When you click on Leads, you click on New. For any of you who have used CRM before, you might see that this UI looks a little bit different. This is the latest release from Microsoft which takes you through the qualification process of a lead.

Let's get started.

The first thing that you're going to have to put in is a topic. We're just going to go ahead and put in CRM Demo and a last name; I'm going to put in Johnson. You do obviously want to fill out your screens as best as you can so that your lead has as much information as possible. For now, that's good. We'll go ahead and click Create. Once you click Create, you can decide if this lead already has a contact or account that exists within CRM.  When you go ahead and select that account, you can click on the account and see more information about the account - all of the contact information, phone numbers, and email address. They've added this new map here on this screen so you can see where they're geographically located, and view any notes that your colleagues might have had about the account which might be important to you - like knowing that somebody had taken them out to lunch recently.

You can also look at an account and see what other opportunities are currently active or have recently closed with this account so that you have a better idea of how to approach the lead that has just come in. Once you have looked at the account, you can also look at the contacts associated with this lead, as well. You can find an existing contact and go ahead and add it to this lead, as well. You probably want to enter more information about the lead, about the purchase timeframe, what the budget might be. As you go through it, you're going to take it through the different stages, like develop, propose, and close. Once you do this, you're going to be able to manage your leads a lot better and be able to utilize CRM to increase your sales.

Anjali Bharadwa, Senior Consultant, DMC, Inc. 2222 N. Elston Ave., Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60614 (312) 255-8757