Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Dan Lawler

Dan Lawler: My name is Dan Lawler. I’m a systems engineer here, at DMC. My favorite part about DMC is the people I work with, and then, also, the culture of DMC.

My favorite project was when I worked with a team, a collaborative team, to design a battery stack simulator test stand. The test stand was used by our client who is developing BMS, Battery Management System, which is effectively the brains that goes on a smart battery pack. 

So what they wanted to do is they wanted to test their BMS in various enviornmental conditions. So what we were able to do is develop this test stand where they could customize the state, specifically specify the state of any lithium-ion simulator in a stack at any time, as well as change simulated temperature readings. 

I’m from Southeastern Minnesota, where I grew up on a beef and crop farm. I was outside on the farm most days working to hopefully keep things operational, but, of course, things broke down. 

I was the youngest of four boys, so we were always out on the farm, and always working, always getting our hands dirty. I guess that is what really got me interested in engineering. 

Right now soccer takes up way too much of my time, but that’s a good thing. I’m currently in three soccer leagues here, in Chicago. I’ve been playing soccer since I was in third grade. 

In fifth grade, I won a chess tournament. Bring it on, if you want to challenge me in chess. I was one of the founding member of the ping-pong, probably the founding member, let’s be honest, of the ping-pong table here, at DMC. 

I live in Lincoln Park, and I really like the Lincoln Park Zoo. It’s free, and it also has gorillas, all kinds of monkeys, and big cats, which is my favorite exhibit. 

My other favorite place in Chicago is the Signature Lounge in the Hancock Tower. You’ll pay a little bit more for your food, but it’s the best view in Chicago. 

My junior year in college, I did a semester in Chile. I continued my engineering curriculum down there, and it was all in Spanish.