What's It Like to Start Working at DMC?

David Ufford: When I started out as a new employee, I was very impressed with DMC’s culture.

Ela Kaya: Very different experience. Everything is set up for you. It's very fast, and work is ready to go.

Jeremy Green: When I first started here, I did probably a few days, maybe a week of training. Then I was immediately sent on site to shadow some of the other DMC employees.

Jeff Winegar: Our training is on the job experience so within the first month or so I had a fair amount of experience already working for a real client on a real project. I felt I was actually providing value ad work to this project right away.

Devon Fritz:  The first day I got an email saying they needed me to be on site with Cesar, and the second day I was on site with Cesar.

Simon Healey: First impressions at DMC were everyone seemed really smart, so it was a little intimidating at first just wondering if I would be able to keep up with everyone. It was very fast paced, but it was great because everyone was really helpful and very friendly. And it was really easy to get ramped up. And so there was really no reason to be intimidated at all. 

David Ufford:  DMC really values its employees. My welcome party was a go-karting event.

Simon Healey:  For my welcome party, it was really very low key compared to some of the others. We just went out for sushi just on a day after work so it was really nice to actually get to meet everyone in a social setting. And just kind of be away from the office.

Jeremy Green:  My welcome party, we went to Dave & Busters. 

Jeff Winegar:  Every new employee at DMC gets a welcome party. There were a few of us who started around the same time so we combined our welcome party. We went to the Adler Planetarium.

Jeff McCormick:  We basically had a night of fun at the planetarium just having some drinks, learning some astronomical things.

Devon Fritz:  I definitely got to learn a lot about the new employees and more about the employees I knew when I was interning.