DMC Greatest Hits 2013

Gareth Merion Griffith: My favorite DMC memory of the last year would be the filming of the Most Interesting Engineer in the World videos. Everything from hanging out on the beach to being told by Frank that my British accent wasn't very authentic to getting pulled over by the Coast Guard and not being able to put the boat into neutral was all good fun.

Ela Kaya: My favorite DMC memory was definitely going to Zelda Orchestra. I dressed up as Link, and we went there. It was so fun. It was such a great show. There was a bunch of seats that were open right front and center, so we snuck in and just took those seats.

Ryan Taylor: My favorite memory of 2013 was probably when Frank came to see my show. My band played at Lincoln Hall this year, so it was the biggest show of the year for us. I send an email out to DMC to everybody.  Kind of in passing we had a suggestion to Frank that he come out, and I was a little bit concerned that he wouldn't like it because he rejected my suggestion for DMC 2013 Theme Song. I was really concerned about that, but sure enough he came. He actually liked it, which was the best part. It was really great.

Otto Gottlieb: We took a whole river tour. What else did we do?

Jack Cosgrove: My favorite DMC memory of 2013 was going on a camping trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes in the upper lower peninsula of Michigan. The favorite part of the camping trip was a canoe ride down the Platte River. Devon was able to climb up a tree, and threatened to jump off. After much pleading from the rest of the group he agreed not to jump out of the tree into the river.

Otto Gottlieb: We had banana sandwiches.

Courtney Mitchell: It was Adam's last day in the Chicago office, and he brought his home made sword up to the roof where we all having beers. He chopped a watermelon in half that someone threw at him, and it was the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

Otto Gottlieb: We saw Navy Pier fireworks. We saw Navy Pier fireworks, and those are a lot of fun.

Jeremy Green: Some of my favorite memories definitely come from Oktoberfest, the first being I got a chance to play in the DMC band, and I didn't find out I was going to be playing in the band until the day of the event to fill in for Jordan. That was a lot of fun to play the keyboard in the band for that. Later in the night we got to karaoke in the karaoke room we set up over in Holland room, and that got a little crazy and a little interesting. I sang a few songs, and I don't think my talent is particulary good. What I lack in talent I think I make up for in energy and passion I put into the song.

Dan Lawler:  My most memorable event at DMC this year was being announced the honorary godfather of Jason and Gail's baby.

Adnaan: For me it's being the official godfather of the Mayes’ baby I reckon.

Otto Gottlieb: Jessica, I don't know what else we did. That's about it.

Gareth Merrion Griffith: I don't always use outside engineering resources, but when I do I prefer DMC. Stay competitive, my friends.