Oktoberfest 2013

Jeff Winegar: For a few years now DMC has had an Oktoberfest party which is a great chance to invite our clients out to see our amazing office and also to socialize with our coworkers and then again with our clients.

Jeremy Green: It was fun to interact with our customers and clients that I had worked on with a lot of the projects I had done in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Jeff Winegar: They had a polka band playing up on the roof which is pretty neat and we had a bunch of different beers that we were sampling in true Oktoberfest style.

Devon Fritz: It was really cool to have them play on the roof.  I was excited to be outside because the year before they played inside but it was really cool to be outside on the deck talking to everyone and having music in the background.

Simon Healey: I'd say my favorite part about Oktoberfest was just getting to see everyone at DMC kind of relax in a kind of party mode and drinking beer and relaxing and being with clients.

Jeremey Green: Also, we had great catering and great beer selection for our part in everything.

Ela Kaya: What I loved most about Oktoberfest was, I created a custom cake for Frank and he really liked it.  His face was on it and he was holding two beers.

Jeremy Green: Definitely the highlight was probably later in the night when we did karaoke with those of us who had stayed around until towards when the party was ending, it was a lot of fun.